Saving for College

Articles and tips related to saving for college.

Saving for College

College Savings Options - This section provides valuable information on building college savings. Explore options such as scholarships, custodial accounts and Section 529 plans, and use our calculators to compute repayment plans, required monthly savings and much more.

College Financing Options - Discover the best way to pay for college by referring to this section. Subject areas include tax breaks/credits, student loans, scholarships, paying off interest, and filling out financial aid forms.

Saving on College Expenses - College expenses need not deplete the family savings account! Read here to learn about student budgets, earning a graduate degree at home, community college options, summer classes and more.

Planning for Your Kid's College Education - It's never too soon to plan for your children's future. This section offers a wealth of information - including podcasts - on saving early for college, strategies for big families, “big-return” degrees and college transfer programs.