Refinancing a Home

Articles about refinancing a home.

Refinancing a Home

Refinancing Basics - Refinancing your home can be a cost-effective move, but it's not for everyone. Information in this section addresses home value estimation, timing a refinance, mortgage interest deductions and more. Use our calculator to compute your breakeven level.

Refinancing Options - Refer to this section for information on home equity loans and credit lines, FHA loans, cash-out refinance, low equity refinance, no cost refinance and more. Our calculators compute bi-weekly payments for existing mortgages and blended rate mortgages.

Understanding the Refinancing Process - This section provides simple answers to complicated questions. Subject areas include appraisal basics, proper documentation, escrow issues, low interest options, good faith estimates, title preparation and much more.

Optimizing Your Refinancing Opportunities - Refinancing your home can generate big payoffs if you understand the process. Learn here about the best improvement projects, insurance concerns, energy credits, down payments, and tax credits and issues.

Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid - Even the best refinance strategies may have pitfalls. This section offers valuable information on home office tax deduction issues, adjustable-rate mortgages and balloon notes, and problems with cash-out refinance.