Buying a Home

Articles about buying a home.

Buying a Home

Home Buying Tips - Before diving into the residential market, refer to the information in this section. Subjects include income tax implications, purchasing your first home, insurance options, rent vs. buy, finances, down payments, home buyer credit, sales commissions and preapproval.

Getting a Mortgage - Articles in this section provide solid information on down payments, mortgage types, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, veteran assistance and more. Our calculators can compute ARM/fixed-rate mortgages, FHA mortgage loans, and mortgage comparisons/loans.

Housing Market Insights - Read here to learn the fine points of the market. Subjects range from foreclosure purchase and home appreciation to finding "deals," vacation property, investment perspectives and timing your purchase.

Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid - Home-buying can be exciting, but pitfalls do exist. Avoid headaches by reading up on home value trends, zoning ordinances, traffic issues and future development. Learn about the dangers of home-warranty plans, too.